Health is Wealth, here we bring you that

Do you want 23 whole grains and pulse in one pack?

Are we eating healthy?

How do we make healthy choices for our family, when an “organic home-cooked balanced meal” seems difficult in our fast-paced life?

As a responsible wife, mom of 2 daughters and caring of elderly parents, this was a BIG question for me 2 years ago ! But not anymore!

Golden Fields “Multi-grain Super Food” is my Grandma’s Recipe, YES its

An excellent nourishment for all

It is a best replacement for breakfast food that is suitable for the whole family. The health drink or porridge prepared from health mix could be aptly consumed by toddlers to adults and elderly people

Pregnant Women


Children above 1 Yr




The elderly


Tasty wholesome is awesome

It is a nutritious blend of millets, whole grains, pulses nuts and spices in a right way. The health mix powder is a best source of protein, iron, dietary fibre, A&B vitamins, phosphorus, potassium, antioxidants, niacin, calcium and many more.

Do you want 23 whole grains and pulse in one pack ?

Liked by Kids, Moms and Elderly people

” Its healthy, Helpful for my daughter”

” Its tasty and useful for children”

” I am Diabetic, it gives me a lot of energy”

” Helpful for my diet routine”

” Its tasty, I love it”

Its homemade and hand roasted to keep the quality and taste unique. So the production is less and will be served to priority customers only.

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